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When shopping for gutter protection for your roof, you might’ve wondered if the gutter guards cause ice dams during winter. The answer is no, they don’t. 

However, depending on the type of gutter guard installed, your ice dam problem could worsen. For instance, reverse curve gutter guards have a limited number of openings for water to enter. If the openings become clogged, any melted ice on the roof will be unable to drain properly into the gutters and downspouts. They might end up making the ice dam bigger instead.

But What Exactly Causes Ice Dams on the Roof?

The roof is the primary cause of ice dams in your home. When indoor heat rises to the attic and warms up exposed portions of the roof, it melts the snow. The melting snow begins to descend until it reaches the roof’s edges, where the indoor heat is sometimes unable to reach. The water then refreezes, making the ice dam.

As more snow melts on the roof, the ice dam will grow in size unless you regularly clear the roof of snow.

Potential Gutter Problems Caused by Ice Dams

If left unchecked, ice dams can damage your gutter system. Here are some of the problems you could face at home:

  • If the ice dam spreads to the gutters, your gutter system would have to shoulder the extra weight. This could cause them to buckle from the strain and possibly bend or break. 
  • If chunks of the ice dam manage to break off from the rest, they could tear the gutters off with them.

Investing in the right type of gutter protection system can help prevent such problems from happening. 

What Gutter Guard Works Better against Ice Dams?

Micro-mesh screen gutter guards are more effective at preventing ice dam-related gutter problems. They can keep out debris while letting water pass through, which also means melted snow has much fewer chances of staying on the roof due to clogged gutters. With less melted snow to refreeze, the ice dam won’t be able to grow any larger. The lack of ice buildup would also keep the gutters from having to carry more weight.

If snow happens to build up on top, you can expect mesh screen gutter guards to be easier to scrape the snow and other debris off of, as you don’t have to worry about the debris getting inside the gutter.

Get HomeCraft Gutter Protection for Your Home

Do gutter guards cause ice dams? They don’t, but they can still contribute to the problem and be affected by it as well. Fortunately, HomeCraft Gutter Protection can save you from the trouble with our micro-mesh, patterned screen gutter guards. There’s no need to worry about clogs and water getting stuck on the gutters. 

To learn more about our gutter covers, you can contact the team here on our website. You can also request a free estimate if you’re interested in installing them for your home.

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