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When the gutters are working properly, rainwater is diverted away from the roof and into drains. Nesting wild animals, leaves, twigs, or other debris in the gutter may clog it, which can cause water to accumulate and compromise the structural integrity of your property.

Excess water can saturate roof components like fascias and soffits, causing rot and weakness. Moreover, it can cause damage to the siding, windows, and basement by flooding, which is why many homeowners invest in a gutter protection system or have their gutters cleaned regularly to keep debris out.

But how much does gutter cleaning cost, anyway? Let’s look at what the costs cover. 

How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

These days, the cost of having your gutters cleaned typically ranges between $118 to $225 or an average of $159. However, prices can vary significantly depending on several factors:

  • How many stories your home has 
  • How much of your home has gutters on the roof
  • The total length of the gutters 


In general, the smaller your home is, the cheaper the gutter cleaning cost will be.

Gutter cleaners can calculate the cost in two ways:


  • By Square Foot: The cleaner will measure your home’s total square footageminus the areas not covered by guttersand multiply it by a specific amount depending on the number of stories. For example, a single-story home might be charged $0.40 per square foot, while a two-story home might be charged $0.80, and so forth. 
  • By Linear Feet: They’ll measure the total length of your home’s gutters and, again, multiply it based on how many stories you have. For instance, the cleaner might charge $1 per foot for a single-story and $2 for a two-story. 

Multi-story homes have more expensive gutter cleaning costs because they require specialized equipment like larger ladders or a second worker to ensure safety.

Other Factors That Go into Gutter Cleaning Cost Calculation

Gutter cleaner services also consider other factors when estimating the cost of the job, such as:

  • The Gutter’s Condition: If the gutters have excessive buildup, it will take longer for the cleaner to finish the job. They can charge you extra per square foot or the gutter length for the additional time and labor needed. 
  • Downspout Cleaning and Installation: If you decide to have your downspouts cleaned as well, you can expect to pay an extra $50 to $100 for it. Cleaning services may offer downspout installations and extensions, which can increase the cost to around $10 to $20 per unit. 
  • Additional Work: Besides cleaning gutters and downspouts, your cleaning professional may also have to do other tasks such as tightening the fasteners or repairing the gutters. This can cost around $11 per hour for the extra work.

DIY vs. Professional Cleaning: Which Should You Choose?

man on ladder cleaning house gutter from leaves and dirt

While it’s tempting to clean the gutters yourself to save some money, you’d be putting yourself in danger. Gutter cleaning involves climbing a ladder and working at heights, resulting in serious injury from a slip and fall. 

Cleaning professionals already have the equipment and training to minimize such risks while doing the job much faster. They could also inspect the gutters and potentially save you from costly gutter issues. 

Save Yourself the Trouble of Gutter Cleaning with HomeCraft

Now that you know how much gutter cleaning costs, you might consider the installation of a gutter guard to reduce the number of times you have to clean the gutters. With HomeCraft’s micro-mesh gutter protection, you can filter most types of debris and only let water through your gutters. 

Interested in our gutter covers? Call HomeCraft today at 855-275-1170 or message us online to get a free estimate!

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