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HomeCraft Gutter Protection Cleans Out Your Gutters Before Installing Our Gutter Guards

Quality Gutter Guards in Lake City, FL

Florida attracts many people to its warm climate and pristine beaches. On the other hand, it’s impacted by more storms than any other US state. HomeCraft offers best gutter guard in Lake City FL, for your Home Protection.

So, if you live in Lake City, FL, your roof gutters are always at risk of becoming clogged by twigs, leaves, and other debris brought by storm winds. Moreover, heavy rain from a storm can cause gutters to overflow, resulting in external wall damage, foundation damage, or flooding. However, by investing in a HomeCraft gutter guard in Lake City, you can avoid these issues.

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HomeCraft Gutter Protection Features

Here’s how HomeCraft’s gutter guards can help keep your gutters clog-free here in Lake City, FL:

  • Raised Screen Meshes: We use marine-grade stainless steel micro-mesh that allows water to flow freely while preventing debris of all sizes from entering the gutter. Raised diamond designs assist in preventing the guards from being clogged as well.
  • Reinforced Hangers: They’re installed with hidden metal hangers attached to the fascia boards. This design keeps the gutter guards from pulling away from the roofing system in extreme weather conditions. 
  • Aluminum Frames: Our powder-coated aluminum frames help keep the guards lightweight while staying durable against the weather. 

How We Install Your Gutter Guard

HomeCraft has a Lake City gutter installation team ready to install your gutter guards. Here’s how we’ll do it: 

  • Prior to installation, we’ll thoroughly clean your gutter system, including the downspouts. Additionally, the team will check for other gutter issues first.
  • We’ll start attaching the hangers to the fascia boards and waterproofing them. 
  • After we finish installing all the metal hangers, we will set up the gutter guards. 

Why Choose HomeCraft over Other Gutter Covers?

Our gutter guards for Lake City offer the benefits listed below:

  • High-quality, durable all-metal components
  • Compatible with metal roofing
  • Compatible with most gutter styles
  • Keeps out debris of all sizes

Call Homecraft for Your Gutter Guard in Lake City, FL!

Interested in having the HomeCraft gutter protection system installed in your home here in Lake City? Go ahead and get in touch with us today for a free quote request! Our professionals are always happy to help you learn more about the benefits of guards for your roof gutters.

Raised Screen Technology

Powder coated aluminum frame

Powder coated aluminum frame

Reinforced hidden hangers

Gutter Guard Services

Customer Support

You get the full support of our Gutter Guard support team.


You get a lifetime transferable warranty on your Gutter Guards

Full Service

You get a full service gutter repair with your Gutter Guard Installation

No Hassle

Our leaf filter installs onto your existing gutters


You also get a free gutter cleaning with your leaf guard

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Home Craft Gutter Guard offers a permanent gutter cleaning solution

Who We Are

We are a father-son duo who wanted to provide a more efficient gutter protection system for an affordable price. We are dedicated to helping customers stay off the ladder and putting gutter cleaning in the past. Oh yeah one more thing… We don’t take a single penny from our customers until the work is complete. You don’t take any risk with us.

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HomeCraft Gutter Guard FAQs

How do I get the HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ installed onto my home?

HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ is a professionally installed product in Lake City, Florida. Please contact us and we will have a HomeCraft representative come out to your home to give you your free inspection and estimate.

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What makes the HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ superior to other gutter guards on the market?

HomeCraft Gutter Guard incorporates Raised Screen Technology (RST), which allows 100% of the stainless steel micro-mesh holes to filter rainwater. A lot of our competitors use old technology, which is to have a metal support under their mesh. See how our gutter guard compares with others by clicking below!

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What does it cost to have gutter guards installed?

This is one of the most commonly asked FAQs. The cost to have gutter guards installed varies from home to home. Each home is different. There are many different factors that play into the cost of installing gutter guards, which is why we have a professional out to your home to give you an estimate that is good for one full year.

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Do I have to replace my existing gutters to get gutter protection?

Absolutely not! HomeCraft’s gutter guards will fit right onto your existing gutters, which will save you money as well as keep your gutters clean.

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Does HomeCraft install gutters as well?

Yes, HomeCraft will absolutely install gutters as well. When you book your estimate or fill out the free estimate form, you can put in the comments what you are looking for, whether it is gutters, gutter guards or both, and we will come out and give you an estimate on whichever you need.

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How much does it cost for a gutter cleaning?

The price of gutter cleaning will depend on the size of your home along with how much debris has built up into your gutters. Many people spend up to $250 per gutter cleaning. At HomeCraft Gutter Protection™, we offer our Lake City customers a permanent solution to gutter cleaning. There are many reasons why we encourage our customers to choose a reliable gutter guard over gutter cleaning. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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Why do I need gutters?

This is a question that we encounter from our Lake City, Florida customers and the answer is quite simple: gutters prevent erosion. Without gutters, your home’s foundation is at danger, and it might be at risk of cracked floors, cracked walls, and uneven floors.

Gutter Cleaning VS. Gutter Guards

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