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Gutter guards are a good investment for homeowners who frequently encounter clogged gutters on their roofs. They keep debris such as twigs and leaves out of the gutters, allowing them to route rainwater away from your property, preventing basement flooding and other foundation issues.

But do gutter guards work in heavy rain when you need them most? Here’s what to expect from a gutter guard when the rain starts pouring. 

Do Gutter Guards Work in Heavy Rain?

Ideally, a good gutter guard should still filter out debris even in a heavy downpour. High-quality gutter protection providers typically test the design of their guards to determine how many inches of rain they can handle per hour. 

However, depending on the rain’s strength, there is always a potential your downspouts will be unable to manage all the rainwater, even if your gutters and guards function properly. This can result in the water overflowing from the sides of the house.

Problems Regular Gutter Guards Face During Heavy Weather

Let’s check out some of the other issues that can affect gutter guards during heavy rainfall:

  • Gutter Guard Detachment: If the gutter guards are not secured to the roof firmly enough, the force of all the pouring rain might pull the guards away from the roof. 
  • Debris-Covered Gutter Guards: Some gutter guard designs, such as those with flat mesh screens, might become jammed with debris. This prevents rainwater from entering the gutters. Instead, the debris would fall from the sides of the gutter or begin to accumulate on the roof, adding weight and potentially jeopardizing the roof’s strength.

What Are the Best Gutter Guards for Heavy Rain?

Here are a few features to look for when searching for gutter guards that work in heavy rain:

  • Raised Mesh Design: While mesh guards keep small and large particles out of the gutter, flat mesh guards quickly become blocked. A guard with a raised pattern, on the other hand, will continue to block debris while allowing water to pass through.
  • Aluminum Frame: Aluminum is a lightweight material, which puts less strain on your roof. 
  • Reinforced Fasteners: Using fasteners to secure the gutter guards to the fascia boards rather than simply snapping them on the gutters prevents them from readily sliding off.

Get a Free HomeCraft Gutter Protection Estimate Today! 

Gutter guards do work in heavy rain—as long as you pick the right one for the job. Thanks to its raised mesh pattern, powder-coated aluminum frame, and reinforced fasteners, HomeCraft’s gutter protection system keeps debris out while still letting water flow, regardless of the weather.

Interested in installing these guards for your home? You can get a free estimate online or contact us at 855-275-1170 for other inquiries today! Our team is always happy to cater to you.  

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