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It’s almost the holiday season, and you’re ready to get festive. You may have hung outdoor Christmas lights on your gutters in the past, but that won’t work as well if you have gutter guards. Luckily, there are still ways to trim your house with lights for the holidays. Here’s our guide on how to hang Christmas lights with gutter guards. 

Up to the Roof

Due to the unique flat design of the HomeCraft Gutter Guard, you’ll no longer be able to insert Christmas light clips over the lip of your gutters. However, all you have to do is go up a little bit higher to your roof. 

Christmas lights can attach easily with plastic clips specifically made to slide onto the shingles. These durable clips slide into place when installed correctly, will hold your Christmas lights securely, and won’t damage the roof. As a bonus, you can probably find them at any local hardware store or online. 

Choosing the Correct Clips

To hang Christmas lights on a house with gutter guards, you’ll need to choose the correct type of Christmas light clip for your roof and the size of your lights.

Select Christmas light clips with a flat bottom that can slide under your shingles and a clasp that grips from the other side. Make sure they grip tightly to the shingles; you don’t want clips that are too loose. 

If you are hanging C7 or C9 lights, select clips that have a circular ring into which you can snugly attach the bulbs. If you are hanging mini strands or icicle lights, it may be better to choose clips that have a hook at the end to hang the cords on. 

If you’re a bit confused about which clip to buy, there are all-purpose clips that should work for both gutter and shingle hanging. These clips include rings for bulb lights and hooks for strands, so you’ll be covered either way, or if you want to hang both types of lights at once. 

A Few Safety Tips

You may know how to hang Christmas lights on a house with gutter guards, but it’s still important to practice some basic safety since you’ll be getting onto a ladder and clipping lights to the roof. 

Here are our top tips: 

  • Before you plug in your lights, check for any broken bulbs or exposed wires to prevent electrical shocks or fires. 
  • Avoid connecting too many strands to the same outlet.
  • Make sure your ladder is secure and stable before going up. 
  • Never use staples, nails, or tacks to hang light strands as this can damage wires and lead to electrocution. 

The Perfect Christmas Present

Get your loved one (or yourself) the ultimate Christmas present this year: clean gutters that you’ll never have to rake out again. HomeCraft gutter guards are the superior product on the market. Even better, we will come and install them for you

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