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The benefits of installing gutter guards are many and can prevent homeowners from what could be a challenging and dangerous task – climbing the ladder and doing the cleaning by yourself (DO NOT attempt to install gutter guards yourself if you are not comfortable with heights and being on a ladder). On the other hand, if you don’t clean your gutters, they will get clogged and cause more severe damage to your home. The best gutter guards can be an incredibly essential addition to your home. They will protect your property from the dangers of clogged gutters and prevent infestation of birds, insects, and other crawling insects in your gutters.

So why would you bother to install them?

Well, rain gutters are crucial elements of your property that keeps your house dry and in good shape. They are designed to collect the rainwater from the roof and direct it away from your home. This will prevent the rainwater from damaging your foundation. However, the gutters can perfectly perform their duties when kept clean, so that water can freely flow down the gutters.

When left uncleaned, leaves and other types of debris can accumulate, and fungus and mold can grow in your gutters. Suppose your gutters become blocked by tree leaves, branches, and other debris; they won’t perform their job perfectly. Actually, ignoring your gutters is worse than having the gutters at all. This is because guards can cause water damage to your fascia board.

If your gutters are filled with decaying leaves mixed with water, they will become heavy and might tear off the house. To prevent such damage, experts suggest you clean your gutters at least twice a year. But most people don’t really keep up with the maintenance.

If you are facing troubles when keeping your gutters clean, maybe it’s time to consider installing gutter guards. The leaf guards keep all the debris that clogs your gutters away while allowing water down the downspout and directing away from your home. Your home property is one of the most significant investments you have ever made, so it is important that you protect it.

What Are Gutter Guards?

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Gutter guards are devices placed on top of the gutter to prevent leaves, twigs, and debris from falling into the gutter itself and blocking gutters. If you have a gutter guard in place, you don’t need to worry about debris clogging your gutters and preventing steady water flow away from your home.Gutter guards will ensure that your gutter system works to its full extent. When filled with debris, the water collected from the roof will overflow, and this might cause damage to your home foundation. Alluminium gutter covers also keep homeowners free from gutter cleaning or hiring professionals to clean them.

Choosing The Right Gutter Guards for Your Home

Most homeowners decide to invest in guards to enhance their gutters’ performance and make their homes maintenance-free. Our recommendation is the HomeCraft gutter guard. But the wrong kind of gutter guard can be more damaging than leaving them, and here’s why.

Most gutter guards from local retailers and big-box home improvement stores collect debris inside wire mesh or screens, are loose fitting, and slide out of position, allowing debris to get into the gutters. They are also designed to be placed under shingles, lifting the bottom on the roofing.


So how do you Choose the correct gutter guard?

The first thing you need to think about when looking for guards is to figure out what type of debris you’re looking to shield your gutters from. Screen-style plastic gutter guards are among the most commonly used available and function as a barrier for guttering, pushing debris to the surface, But these types of gutter guards often clog and require cleaning a few times per year.

Another popular option is to use wire mesh. Like the screen-style guards, these micro-mesh guards keep large and small debris from entering the drainage while allowing water to move through easily but also become easily clogged with pine needles and other debris. Foam guards are among the least expensive available and are not really capable of much. They tend to degrade rapidly and may cause seeds to sprout in the gutter itself!


Consult with The Experts

When purchasing a gutter guard for your home, it is best to speak with a professional to assist you in deciding the best option. An installed gutter guard that is professionally designed does not only mean you won’t need to be concerned about climbing up a ladder to install the gutters but also will give you the security of knowing that the system is operating effectively and efficiently as it should.

Utilizing a professional service like the one we provide can also guarantee that you are using the right kind of gutter protection system installed that will provide the best protection for your home gutters. Beyond that, the gutter guard installation will be backed with a warranty, which means your home will be completely secure.

Preparing to Install Gutter Guards

You can purchase gutter guards from reputable companies like HomeCraft Gutter Protection. A professional installation service accompanies the guards we sell. Before installation, there is prep work done to ensure your gutter system is ready for guard installation. Here are steps you should take to prepare your home prior to installing gutter guards.

Clean The Current Gutter System

In the initial step before gutter guard installation, the installers will first clean your current gutter system to check if they are functioning properly. Putting gutter guards in dirty gutters is not advisable since some debris would be trapped once the gutter guard is in place.

Test The Gutters

It is recommended to test the gutters once you have cleaned them. You should run water through the gutter system to see if it is functioning as it should. The testing gutter process will only take a few minutes and should be done before installing guards.

Make The Necessary Repair

Ensure that the small opening in the gutters is sealed off. You can use an aluminum flashing set in mastic for larger openings to hold it in place. Make sure all your attachment points are secure.

Get The Perfect Measurements

Ensure you measure your gutters twice to get the correct numbers. You don’t want to take the wrong measures because you might need to cut them down. Without enough knowledge and tools, the process can be difficult. That’s why it is best when handled by professionals.

Add Hangers

You don’t want your gutter guards without metal hangers for support from your roof. It is recommended that you use metal hangers to realign your gutter system. It is recommended to attach the metal hangers to fascia boards to ensure your gutters don’t pull away from your home.

Get The Essential Equipment

You will need a ladder to install guards safely. You can consider a ladder stabilizer suppose you are working from a ladder extension. It is essential that you feel comfortable on the ladder before you start using it. Besides, it is important to have essential tools such as a tape measure, screw gun, and more. The type of gutter you install determines the tools you might require.

How to Install Gutter Guards?

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The type of gutter guard you choose will determine how easy it is to install a gutter guard. If you are smart about the type of guards you choose, you can have a gutter guard that snaps right to the gutter itself.

Other gutter guards will require you to screw or nail the guards into the rain gutters or attach them to your fascia using reinforcement metal hangers. Although gutter guard installation is simple, it can be difficult if you’re not experienced.

Before you get out your tools, read through the instructions and that you are up for the task. Because these gutter protection systems are custom-fitted to each home, only professionals can install them. Before you climb on the ladder, make sure that you are capable of installing gutter guards. These are the steps you need to follow to install gutter guards safely.



  1. Use a leaf blower to blow out all the possible leaves, twigs, and acorns. You won’t be disappointed if not all leaves come out of your leaf blower.
  2. Next, you can do manual cleaning. Next, use a scoop or gloves to scoop out any remaining debris.
  3. You want to make sure your gutters are resealed and your gutters are no longer leaking before installing your gutter guards.
  4. Grab the mesh. Lift your roof shingles slightly with one hand and slip the gutter guard underneath the shingles.
  5. Tap into the place.
  6. Keep going in a linear direction.
  7. Use the snips to trim to the correct length when you get to a corner.

Continue until you are done.


If climbing up onto the roof and messing with caulk, screws, and fasteners sounds too intimidating, you can hire gutter professionals to do it for you. Before investing in gutter guards, ask how it was installed.

End of Runs and Corners Clear

Straight runs of gutter guards can be installed easily. They should be slightly overlapped if two sections meet up. This can be done by using tin scissors to remove a small portion of the gutter guard’s front or back extrusions or frame so that the product’s filtering portion overlaps.

There are some special requirements for installation:

  • End-of-run: To seal the ends of debris, the material is often bent into the gutter at the end of a run.
  • Outside corners: These typically call for miter cuts made with tin snips.
  • Inside corners: To cover inside corners caused by roof valleys, insert a section from the gutter guard into the corner. Sometimes, you can butt the adjacent section against the first. Manufacturers may suggest you cut a small portion of the front or back frame, and then place the filtering material underneath the adjoining section. Large volumes of water inside corners can cause problems. They also serve as choke points for gunk which run down the valley. Manufacturers recommend you install a water diverter at the bottom. Perforated material is used to keep debris out and allow water to flow. Some diverters are made from solid sheet metal and catch the debris while directing water away from the corners.


Safety Precautions

The most dangerous thing when installing gutter guards is using a ladder. You will need to be stable while fitting your screen gutter guards.

Attaching an S hook to your ladder with a bucket is a great way to stay safe while on the ladder. You can use the bucket for tools and supplies, allowing you to have two hands on the project.

Every year, many people fall from ladders. The fall can prove fatal. While gutter cleaning can save you money, it is not worth risking your health. It is important to take safety precautions.

Another tip is to choose a ladder that can stand on its own and not rest on the gutters. You can damage or break the gutters by putting your ladder on them. This could cause damage to the gutter guards. To ensure that your gutter guard project succeeds, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions. You will also need these tools to remove large debris from your gutter guards’ top once or twice yearly.


How Much Does It Cost for Gutter Guards Installation?

Gutter screens are a great way to eliminate the duty of reaching up on a ladder to clean your gutters. They work like filters that cover your gutters to keep debris out and prevent water from escaping.

You can get gutter guards on your home for as little as $1,300. However, it could cost you much more depending on the difficulty of your home. The actual cost of guards for your home will vary depending on the size and location of your home.

Remember that materials and installation costs can vary by location. We recommend that you get FREE gutter guard quotes from gutter guard companies in your area such as HomeCraft Gutter Protection to ensure the prices and products.


Contact Us Today for A Free Estimate

Of course, gutter guard installation is always a messy job. On most occasions, homeowners can make mistakes during the process that could result in devastating consequences. If you are unsure about your abilities to install the gutter guards yourself, it is advised to let proficient installers at HomeCraft Gutter Protection handle the work for you.

We have the experience and expertise required to effectively install gutter guards at your home despite your home condition. We will tailor every installation per the customer requirement, so you can be sure that we do it perfectly. Contact HomeCraft Gutter Protection today for a free home evaluation and estimate.


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