The Best Gutter Guards in Fletcher, NC

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If you want to minimize the repair costs in your Fletcher home, HomeCraft Gutter Protection™ should be your next stop.

Our gutter guards will protect your gutters, home, and the surrounding for decades. We use the raised screen technology that facilitates thorough water filtration by using elevated diamonds before it gets to the gutters. The diamonds form a landing platform for debris, raising it slightly higher so that water can pass freely. The surface of the leaf filters is a micro woven mesh that keeps all the unwanted material as rainwater flows into the system.

We use top-grade stainless steel to make the guards more durable. Since the stainless steel is too strong to bend, we use powder-coated aluminum on the frames to make them bend and perfectly fit on the gutters.

Our Goal for Fletcher Homeowners

Our focus is on giving homeowners peace of mind about gutter cleaning by offering a lifetime solution. Once you install our gutter guards, we guarantee that it will be the end of gutter cleaning for you and the future occupants of your home because our warranty is also transferable. How good? And because you will now have some actual free time, you could go hiking at Pisgah National Forest with family and friends.

Human beings are social beings, and we all need time to bond and interact with both nature and other humans. Therefore you need to get our gutter guards today and satisfy that human aspect!

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The Best Gutter Guards in Fletcher, NC

Raised Screen Technology

Powder coated aluminum frame

Powder coated aluminum frame

Reinforced hidden hangers

Leaf Guard Services

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available 24-7 to listen to you and address any issues you may have.


Our terms are clear and binding for a lifetime. You can quickly transfer it to the next occupant of your home.

Full Service

You will never need to repair, replace and clean your gutters again. Also, we will work with the gutters already installed in your home. You do not need new ones!

No Hassle

Our gutter screens can be installed onto your existing gutters so you do not have to replace your existing gutter system.


You will get a free gutter cleaning with our gutter guard installation.

For Free!

Choosing us for your gutter protection needs entitles you to a free onsite gutter assessment session from us.

HomeCraft Gutter Protection™; Gutter Protection Gurus

In 2016, a father and son collaborated to start the company. They had both worked in the gutter protection industry and had identified the need for gutter guards that wouldn’t see homeowners back gutter cleaning after a few months. That is why they considered the finely woven micro mesh and the raised screen design as they designed HomeCraft gutter guards.

More than 30,000 American homes have greatly benefited from our gutter guards. The homeowners never have to fear for the stability of their homes because their home’s foundations remain protected from rainwater damage.

The Best Gutter Guards in Fletcher, NC
The Best Gutter Guards in Fletcher, NC

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We always hear our customers say that they want a gutter protection system that will remain efficient for many years so that, in their old age, they will not have to subject themselves to climbing ladders or use their retirement savings for gutter cleaning.

Thinking about it, climbing that ladder is taking a significant risk on one’s body and even life. What happens when something happens, and the ladder cannot hold anymore? How many fractures do you imagine one will suffer? Depending on how one lands on the ground, it may even cause death! Handling the debris is also not hygienic. Most times, the debris will be already decomposing, so the probability of coming into contact with pathogens is high.

You can champion your wellness by ensuring you do not get yourself in any of those positions, and our gutter guards are a sure bet! You install them, and for the rest of your life, your ladder will be for other more safe activities, and you will never need to do any unclogging. Please request a free quotation from us today and embark on a selfcare journey.

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HomeCraft Gutter Guard FAQs

After how long does the estimate remain viable?

Our estimate is viable for use within one calendar year.

Do I prepay or postpay for your services?

We only accept payments when we have completed the work, the homeowner is satisfied, and the system is working.

How do you keep the gutter guards from falling off?

We ensure that we fit them tightly on the gutters and reinforce them further with metallic hangers.