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If you are looking for a home improvement plan to keep your Grifton home in good condition, then HomeCraft gutter guards are it. Our leaf filters will control water damage in your home for life.

The unique design we use, the raised screen design, ensures that our gutter guards collect all the debris while allowing rainwater free flow to the gutters. The elevated diamonds on the mesh screens hold all the foreign objects as water flows through seamlessly. The leaf guards are made of 304 marine-grade stainless steel, which is strong enough to hold the weight of the collected debris.

A Permanent Gutter Clogging Solution

Our gutter guards undergo fine micro weaving; the only space left is for water passage. Therefore all materials that could cause clogging are eliminated before the water flows into the gutters. With that, you would never need to climb the ladder to peep if debris has accumulated.

The absence of leaves, grass stalks, twigs, pine needles, feathers, and other types of debris in the gutters is a huge relief to a household as that means no gutter cleaning. With that freedom, families can spend more time bonding and engage in recreational activities such as visiting Contentnea Creek.

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Best Gutter Guards in Grifton, NC

Raised Screen Technology

Powder coated aluminum frame

Powder coated aluminum frame

Reinforced hidden hangers

Leaf Guard Services

Customer Support

We know that every customer appreciates excellent service and support after a purchase. We have built a well-equipped team to ensure you experience the satisfaction of purchasing and using our products.


Though barely heard of, we give lifetime and transferable warranty on our gutter guards. So you can enjoy a seamless flow of water for the rest of your life as we guarantee a lifetime of effective functionality.

Full Service

Get all your gutter solutions under one roof. Whether cleaning, installing, repairing, replacing, or protecting, we have a competent team of experts to handle everything. That is why our focus is a fully functional gutter and protection system, not just gutter guard installation.

No Hassle

After making the first contact, you leave the rest to us. We will guide you on the next steps toward getting your dream gutter protection system. We will not even ask for new gutters. We will make work the ones already installed in your home.


Did you know we have so many freebies in our gutter guard installation package? You get free gutter cleaning, service, and estimates. You will also enjoy our discounts that will save you a lot of money.

For Free!

You will not incur any costs to get an estimate from us. We use professionals who ensure that what is quoted is all that is needed. Thus what we give is accurate and final, free of surpluses and shortages.

Rated #1 Gutter Guards in Grifton, NC

HomeCraft gutter guards have stood the test of time and proven the best in Grifton since their launch in 2016. With their unique features, design, and exceptional functionality, homeowners can finally attest to getting value for their money. With these leaf guards, you will not have to worry about gutter cleaning even in your old age.

For a long time, home and property owners have lived with frequent cleaning, even with gutter covers in place. This was so because all the other brands only managed to bar large objects. Thus, the small-sized debris would still accumulate and cause blockage. However, HomeCraft Gutter Protection has changed the narrative with our full-proof gutter guards. Request a free estimate to upgrade your home.

Best Gutter Guards in Grifton, NC
Best Gutter Guards in Grifton, NC

Eradicate Water Damage in your Grifton Home

Experiencing water damage for a homeowner is one of the most distressing experiences. The massive destruction of property and structure is usually such a huge loss. That is why most homes have a gutter-cleaning schedule.

However, that schedule will be unnecessary with our leaf filters. Mainly, they are built to completely seal off any channels through which debris would get to the gutter system. Thus, with all the debris collected on the mesh screens and water freely flowing through the gutters, the gutter-cleaning duties become history. You will be sure of the condition of your foundation, walls, and basement. You will also enjoy thriving flower beds, lawns, and landscapes.

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HomeCraft Gutter Guard FAQs

How do I get gutter guards installed at my Grifton home?

You will only need to take the quiz and submit a request for a free estimate. The information you share will help us prepare for a consultation session with you, during which we will schedule an onsite assessment. After collecting the actual data on the ground, we will develop an estimate. After that, the installation works can kick off.

What is your warranty's validity period?

One unique aspect of our warranty is that it remains valid for a lifetime. That means that you reach us anytime in case of any concerns, and we will not charge you. In the event that your home’s ownership changes, the warranty’s validity is not affected.

Why do I need gutter guards?

Installing gutter guards in your home will have both short-term and long-term impacts. They will prevent gutter clogging, avoiding overflow water to unwanted areas such as the foundation, landscapes, walls, and basements. That will ensure that the stability of your house is not compromised and that the probability of a flooded basement due to clogged gutters will be zero.

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