Best Gutter Guards in Haw River, NC

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Durable Gutter Guards

Gutter guards have become an integral part of any home in Haw River and worldwide. To maintain a beautiful and safe home, preventing water damage should be the first point of focus. The most durable HomeCraft gutter guards will meet and exceed your expectations.

Our leaf guards are superior to all others due to their modern design. The raised screen design enables the passage of rainwater into the gutters while sieving out and setting aside all the debris. The raised diamonds keep the junk out of the waterway. The mesh screens undergo fine weaving to keep the tiniest objects from reaching the gutters.

Permanent Gutter Cleaning Relief

Having interacted with Haw River homeowners who have manually cleaned their gutters in the past, we understand the struggle and risks involved. We know that keeping your gutters clean is necessary. However, it does not have to cost you every other time.

HomeCraft gutter guards will step in and maintain your gutters clean from the installation day to the day you choose to uninstall them. They have unique features that make them so efficient. The micro-mesh screens will not let in any materials that cause blockage hence the free flow of water through the gutters. Now that gutter cleaning is off your shoulders, you can enjoy a good time at Haw River State Park.

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Best Gutter Guards in Haw River, NC

Raised Screen Technology

Powder coated aluminum frame

Powder coated aluminum frame

Reinforced hidden hangers

Leaf Guard Services

Customer Support

We understand what it means to remain supportive of our customers. We handle phone and physical consultations with so much grace and ensure we send an expert wherever needed. We never leave any pending queries. Offering solutions is our forte.


You get to experience the unique gutter guard warranty in town. Our warranty is lifetime and transferable. Therefore, that document will remain valid for anyone who occupies your home after you as long as you live.

Full Service

Our expertise in gutters and gutter guards stands out. We got you taken care of for any repairs, replacements, installation, and cleaning. Being the gurus in that area, talk to us to give your gutters and guards a facelift.

No Hassle

We are the only company keen to help you cut installation costs with our gutter guard design. Our gutter guards are compatible with most gutters. Thus we will not require you to install new gutters.


What other better way of saving than taking advantage of deals and discounts? We have tons of these on our products. Some of the deals include free gutter service and cleaning. To top it all, you never have to clean your gutters again.

For Free!

We have yet to see a company that visits your home for free to give you an estimate as we do. Going that extra mile is what sets us apart. You get a free home visit and estimate from us.

Rated #1 Leaf Guard Company in Haw River, NC

HomeCraft Gutter Protection has been the go-to company for gutters and gutter guards in Haw River and beyond. Since 2016, homeowners have received the long-awaited solution to gutter clogging. Our installation services require minimal involvement of our customers, hence a huge relief to them.

We are a company whose central focus is on our customers’ satisfaction. Hence we ensure excellence in our work and reliability. Our core values have contributed significantly to the huge success we have in market penetration. We pride ourselves on receiving more than ten recognition awards for our products and services. Request a free estimate to experience our outstanding work.

Best Gutter Guards in Haw River, NC
Best Gutter Guards in Haw River, NC

Professional Gutter Guard Installation

Our installation services are also superior as they have the mark of professionalism and excellence. We only work with experts in our team who have proven knowledge and understanding of gutter needs. We ensure proper documentation of our engagements, so we remain accountable.

We also ensure we quote sufficient materials by visiting your home for data collection. We take the relevant measurements and make all necessary observations to help with gutter guard customization. All this we do free of charge. We also take it upon ourselves to ensure that your existing gutters are clean and work perfectly before installation.

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HomeCraft Gutter Guard FAQs

What is the advantage of installing gutter guards?

Gutter guards prevent clogging, so water flows seamlessly in the gutter guards. The absence of gutter guards increases the chances of gutter clogging, which results in water damage. The effects of rainwater damage are adverse on the foundation, the basement, the walls, and the landscapes. Gutter guards will save you many repair costs.

How do I get HomeCraft gutter guards installed in my home?

We professionally install our guards. Please send your request for a free estimate so that we can send one of our experts to visit your home for a design plan. That will help us install a gutter protection system suitable for your home. We will also get to know the kind of service needed for your existing gutters.

Which is the best gutter guard company in Haw River, NC?

HomeCraft Gutter Protection has been recognized as the region’s most reliable gutter guard company. We have the best quality gutter guards and offer the best installation services. We remain available to serve you post-installation. We also have the most favorable warranty terms, which remain valid for a lifetime, and the document is transferable.

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