Best Gutter Guards in Sharpsburg, NC

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Gutter Guards Designed to Last a Lifetime

The best form of investment you can make is one that lasts a long time, giving returns without re-investment. HomeCraft gutter guards perfectly fit that description. Installing them in your Sharpsburg home is a decision you will never regret. Indeed, these are the best gutter guards in Sharpsburg and last a lifetime.

We use a modern concept to design our gutter guards. In the design, we incorporate raised diamonds that hold all the debris as water flows through the micro-mesh screens. The mesh inhibits the penetration of foreign materials into the gutters. So, you will always enjoy the free flow of rainwater through the gutter system.

Prevent Gutter Clogging and Protect your Home from Water Damage

Protecting your home from water damage will cut maintenance costs by more than half. Some of the areas most affected by improper rainwater drainage include the foundation, walls, and gutters, which bear the highest repair costs. Having to repaint your walls and do re-landscaping frequently can be costly.

HomeCraft gutter guards offer a perfect solution to gutter clogging. With their improved features and well-thought design, not even pebbles or pine needles can find their way to the gutters. Thus, gutter clogging is tamed, freeing your home from water damage for life. During winter, ice dams on the gutters will not be a worry.

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Best Gutter Guards in Sharpsburg, NC

Raised Screen Technology

Powder coated aluminum frame

Powder coated aluminum frame

Reinforced hidden hangers

Leaf Guard Services

Customer Support

We are a customer-centric entity that cares about our community. Therefore, our support is always available to everyone who needs it. We have developed a friendly and listening culture, so our customers feel well cared for.


We guarantee our promise of lifetime durability and service of our gutter guards with our lifetime warranty. Should you get your home a new owner, they can still use the warranty as it is transferable.

Full Service

We specialize in everything to do with gutters and gutter guards. We are your go-to company for repairs, cleaning, installation, and protection. Give your gutters and gutter guards a renewed length of service with us.

No Hassle

Unlike other gutter guard companies, we do not require you to replace your existing gutters. We adjust our gutter guards accordingly to fit your gutters. We also service the old gutters to get them functional.


You will never miss running deals and discounts on our products and services. Our free complimentary services are always available once you are ready for installation. Save as much as you can with us.

For Free!

Just like requesting an estimate is free of charge, designing it will not cost you a dime. We use a professional procedure and experts to ensure that our estimate is as accurate as possible. We neither under nor over-quote.

Rated #1 Leaf Guards in Sharpsburg, NC

Sharpsburg homeowners were known for spending their weekends gutter-cleaning from the large tree cover in the region. However, with the introduction of HomeCraft leaf guards, this has changed for many homes. Instead, many are seen on picnics at Sharpsburg Community Park or engaging in different fun activities.

Our leaf filters free you from gutter cleaning for life. Their premium quality and proven functionality have gained popularity here in Sharpsburg and beyond. You can also be part of a majority who do not have to clean their gutters anymore manually. Request a free estimate to get this sophisticated gutter protection system today.

Best Gutter Guards in Sharpsburg, NC
Best Gutter Guards in Sharpsburg, NC

Micro-Mesh Screens that Fit Different Gutter-to-Roof Configurations

Being gutter experts, we are exposed to various roofing and gutter styles. Therefore, we factor in that aspect while designing and installing our leaf guards. That is why our mesh screens have flexible frames that can seal the edges of gutters of different shapes and types.

The awareness of that kind of diversity also informed the beginning of our free site visits. Here we get to see your home’s gutter-to-roof configuration and draw the perfect plan. If we identify an aspect that needs specialty, we customize a solution. So on the installation day, we know all that needs attention.

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HomeCraft Gutter Guard FAQs

Are gutter guards customizable to fit my specific gutter sizes and styles?

Yes, they are customizable. Regardless of your gutter size, style, and material, our gutter guards will work perfectly. To collect all those details, we assign an expert to your home. Then we use our gutter guards with powder-coated aluminum frames that are flexible to take the shape of your gutter edges.

Can gutter guards improve the overall appearance of my home?

Gutter guards are such a great addition to your home’s roof area. As the gutter covers prevent clogging, your walls get protection from staining. That means the paint will retain its brilliance for an extended period. Your lawns and landscapes will remain in place as the risks of erosion will be minimal.

How necessary is the onsite assessment?

The onsite assessment is an essential part of our processes. It helps to know the size of the house we will be working on and all its gutter needs. That way, we can develop an appropriate gutter protection plan and an accurate budget. Thus, the owner knows what is expected of them finance-wise beforehand.