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HomeCraft started in the gutter guard industry in 2016. Since then, we try to educate and teach our customers about the importance of having gutters, and gutter protection on their home. Let’s dive into why your gutter system is a crucial part of keeping your home safe from damages.


What are gutters?


Gutters are an important component to anyone’s home and you might be wondering, why?


Gutters help channel water from rain and controls where your water goes. Ideally, you want water to flow away from your home. Gutters that work correctly should prevent any water from flowing off of your roof, over your gutters, or into the ground directly.


Let’s take a look at the different parts of the gutter system.


What can happen without gutters.


If a home has improperly working gutters, or no gutters at all, this can make costly damages to your home.


When you have no gutters and water flows directly off of your roof into the ground, this can cause water to pool near your home’s foundation and create foundation cracks, erosion, basement floods, and/or rotting fascia and soffit board.




Gutters with an incorrect pitch can cause water to flow in the wrong direction, away from your downspouts and end up overflowing your gutters. This can also cause water to flow behind your gutters which causes fascia and soffit damage.


If water continues to flow into your home’s foundation or finds its way inside your home, it can create mold and health risks.


Why choose HomeCraft?


HomeCraft’s gutter guard helps keep 100% of debris out of your gutters and allow 100% of water into your gutters. We also fully service your gutter system before putting our protection on top. Your home doesn’t have gutters? No problem. We install and repair fascia, soffit, downspouts, gutters, or anything else pertaining to your gutter system.


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  • I really appreciate your heads up about what might happen if your gutters have the wrong pitch. I’m usually the DIY kind of person, so I thought that something like this was within my skill set as a home upgrade I can do. Now that I have read how important it is to get a proper installation, I’ll go look for a gutter expert right away.

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