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The Top 3 Gutter Cleaning Methods

Let’s face it: gutter cleaning is a drag. As a gutter guard company, we at HomeCraft Gutter Protection do not recommend people to clean their gutters themselves because it can be time-consuming and dangerousInstead, we recommend our gutter guard stop gutter cleaning for life. Plus, when we install our gutter guards, we completely clean out your gutters with no additional costs.

We get it, though. You might not be ready for the permanent solution now. Here we will highlight how to clean your gutters.

However, when you are ready for the permanent solution, you know where to look.

Image of Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning from the Ground

1.) The "Safe and Sound on the Ground" Method

This gutter cleaning method is our favorite because it keeps you safe with your feet on the ground. Anytime you get on a ladder, you are at risk. There are over 164,000 ladder-related injuries per year, so it is very important to be careful with any ladder-related cleaning techniques.

So what is this gutter cleaning method? Essentially, there are many tools that can keep your feet on the ground while cleaning your gutters. These are especially good tools for 1-story homes. Here are just a few of the best tools to clean your gutters from the ground.

1.) A gutter vacuum cleaning system

-An example of a gutter vacuum cleaning system is GutterProVac. This is a vacuum system made for cleaning your gutters from the ground! No ladder necessary. These vacuums are powerful, and they even have some that can reach up to 40 ft., which is equivalent to a 3-story home.

2.) A garden hose extension

-An example of this would be the Melnor Cleaning QuickConnect Extension. This is an extension that attaches right to your garden hose so you can wash debris out of your gutters with your hose.

3.) A leaf blower attachment

-An example of this is the Toro Universal Gutter Cleaning Kit. This product can be bought at your local Home Depot, and it is an attachment that goes right onto your leaf blower. It reaches up to 11 ft., so it is best for 1-story homes.

The “Safe and Sound on the Ground” gutter cleaning method is the safest method to clean your gutters, however, it is not always the most efficient, which brings us to Method #2 — the “Gone with the Wind” Method.

Gutter Cleaning with Leaf Blower

2.) The "Gone with the Wind" Method

If the “Safe and Sound on the Ground” method is just not cutting it for you or you don’t want to spend additional money on new tools, then it’s time for method #2. the “Gone with the Wind” Method requires you to get onto your ladder to blow leaves out of your gutters.

While this gutter cleaning method is more dangerous, it allows you to get a better look at the condition of your gutters and it can potentially also allow you to get a deeper gutter clean. To successfully use this method, you only need two tools that most homeowners already have on hand. These tools are:

  1. A reliable ladder
  2. A leaf blower

If you have these two tools, then all you have to do is carefully climb up your ladder to your roof, sit on your roof, and go around your home blowing debris out of your gutters.

**Again, anytime you are on a ladder or your roof, you are at risk of injury.**

This method is a good way to get a deeper clean of your gutters, but it still might not be the most effective way if your gutters are deeply clogged and caked with debris, which brings us to Method #3.

Gutter Cleaning By Hand

3.) The "Old School" Method

The “Old School” gutter cleaning method is the most traditional way to clean out your gutters. Same as in the “Gone with the Wind” method, this method is risky and dangerous. Again, anytime you get on a ladder you are at risk of injury. However, this method will allow you to get a deep clean of your gutters because you will literally be hand cleaning them.

To clean your gutters out using the “Old School” Method, we recommend using a couple of tools.

1.) Gloves

-Gloves will help keep your hands clean while you clean out grimey gutters. They will also protect your hands from any insects or critters that might be living in your gutters.

2.) A reliable ladder

-The “Old School” Method requires you to climb your ladder to clean out your gutters with your hands. Make sure your ladder is safe and reliable to help prevent injuries. We also recommend to have someone spot you any time you are on a ladder.

3.) A bucket (optional)

-The third tool you might want to consider is a bucket to put debris in if you do not want to throw it into your yard.

Once you have all of the necessary tools, you will then climb your ladder and go around cleaning out your gutters by hand.**Please be careful of any living critters in your gutters. Pests like bees, spiders, squirrels, and snakes are common to find in gutters***

Bonus Method - The Permanent Solution

As you know, gutter cleaning can be time-consuming and dangerous. This is why at HomeCraft Gutter Protection, we offer the permanent solution to gutter cleaning with our one-of-a-kind gutter guards. With our gutter guards, you can put a stop to gutter cleaning…for life. We take all of the risk, and you take none.

Still on the fence about our gutter guards? Check out these reasons as to why we have the best gutter guards on the market:

  • Our gutter guard will install onto your existing gutters, so a gutter replacement is not necessary
  • We completely clean out, reseal, and realign your gutters with the installation of our gutter guards
  • Our gutter guard incorporates the newest gutter guard technology on the market
  • We do not take a single penny from our customers until the work is completed
  • Our gutter guard quotes are FREE, no obligation, and good for a full calendar year

Still on the fence?

No problem. We get it. You aren’t ready yet. However, when you get tired of cleaning your gutters yourself or hiring a gutter cleaner, we’ll be here. You know where to look.

Contact us today!

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